About Us

Who Are We?

Advenio People is one of the top IT recruitment agencies in Copenhagen / Denmark for startup recruitment. IT Recruitment companies/agencies often have a generic or broad focus. Advenio People focus exclusively on startups, scaleups, and transformational teams and operate mainly in Copenhagen / Denmark, Nordics, UK, US, Netherlands, Germany, and Singapore – that makes us one of the top international recruitment agencies in Copenhagen within our field.

We work with Danish candidates or international candidates who are looking to work in Copenhagen or in one of the other markets where we operate and have successfully relocated many candidates – including for our team. We know the visa process and the structure necessary for relocation. The majority of the candidates we relocate, we reach out to as a result of a global search – some contact us directly because they are looking for Copenhagen fintech ( technology used to enable banking and financial services) recruiters / Copenhagen fintech jobs or IT recruitment agencies – or a Startup recruitment agency in Copenhagen.

As a startup recruitment agency, we often get approached by startups, looking to hire a developer, designer, product manager, CMO, VP Sales, etc. for their startup, as they are looking for someone focused on startup recruitment.

That’s why we are known as the startup recruiter.

Talent Acquisition Specialist

With over a decade of sourcing quality candidates. We provide innovative recruiting strategies for our partners. From executive roles to sales and IT talent, we specialize in recruitment, finding new ways to hire only the best.

Market Research

We create in-depth reports based on market data and experience. If you are expanding to new areas or assessing the team(s) likelihood of success and potential issues, we dramatically reduce the risk of the acquisition and/or merger.

Hiring Complex Teams

We work with venture capitalist, incubators and corporate entities to build culture focused and qualified teams (such as executives, sales, IT or engineering) & founding teams. We source, contact and hire only exceptional candidates.

Our Best Qualities

We love startups, and startups (or that is what they say at least) love us. 

We have tons of stories to share – if you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you reach your next milestone, whether it’s building a product or hitting your sales targets, so you can close your next funding round or angel investor, we’re always up for a coffee or a call.