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Job Description

Want to be part of building a sales team for a freshly-funded and fast-growing tech-startup? Now is your chance.

With the massive digitalization reaping across the globe, the market for attribution is growing rapidly. At Dreamdata.io we are at the cutting edge of this emerging industry. Our technology is second to none and we’ve already landed the first handful of highly esteemed B2B brands as customers.

We are now looking to hire our first salespeople to add the next hundreds and thousands of clients. All sales so far have been founder-led. That’s why we’re now eagerly looking to be impressed by your skills. You will need an entrepreneurial, determined, and creative mindset. Show us through meritocracy that you’re the best closer on the team.

The role of the first salespeople will be to help build everything from go-to-market strategy/method, identifying ICP’s, creating decks, establishing sales processes, and be obsessed with documenting the whole process towards finding a recipe that continuously drives sales. 

Dreamdata does B2B SaaS at a +$10.000 ARR price point, hence experience in this field is preferred, however, all candidates with killer-instincts and the ability to do consultative sales will be considered diligently. We love predictable revenue and we would love to hear how you plan to help us achieve this.

Complexity of the role

About Dreamdata.io

Dreamdata.io was founded in 2019 by CTO, Ole Dallerup, CMO Steffen Hedebrandt and CEO Lars Grønnegaard Hansen, with the ambition of creating a cutting-edge software-solution, so B2B companies understand completely, where they are generating revenue. 

They do this by being in the data heart at the center of B2B commercial operations. Through smart tracking and machine learning, dreamdata maps the touchpoints of the B2B customer journey across sales, product and marketing.

Dreamdata enables algorithmic decision making in marketing, product and sales. With Dreamdata you know the true ROI of your paid marketing activities and the true value of your content marketing strategy.

  • Exceptional organizational skills and CRM discipline
  • Used to hold online meetings and conduct demos, facilitate workshops, and do presentations for senior managers and c-suite.
  • You finish what you start and keep your promises
  • Be fanatically obsessed with tracking all activities in CRM

Are you the candidate we seek?

Then please reach out to:

Recruitment Business Manager, Christian Holst


DK: +45 28873154

US: +1 (415) 287-0402

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