Golang Engineer – Dreamdata

In Dreamdata we are fixing the broken world of B2B sales and marketing by glueing the efforts in marketing and sales together with revenue – two historically disconnected entities – and it is a massive engineering challenge. Our technology provides transparency and enables insights for our customers into what works and what doesn’t. It is a complicated task and requires a Python engineer with a passion for data processing.

As a team, we strongly believe in engaging closely with customers when developing our product. We also believe in shipping fast, meaning that most of the time we all have to accept that things are not perfect.

About the team

  • We are a venture-backed startup just starting our growth journey.
  • We are busy and growing the team and product very fast.
  • We are an experienced team combining marketing, tech and product skills from two successful Danish growth companies.
  • We love building products through close interaction with users and customers.

About the position

  • You will join a young company.
  • You will join the data-engineering team, you will work alongside the data science and application experience teams in product.
  • For the right candidate, this can be a junior position where we will help mentor you to a place where you can write services that scale.
  • You will be part of a cross-functional product team where you work closely with the product manager and UX to build a product that significantly impacts our customers’ business.
  • You will be responsible for building our data pipelines, pulling data from many different sources such as Google Ads, HubSpot, Salesforce, and many more in a scalable and robust fashion.
  • You will manage the customer facing authentication with 3rd party systems in the react application, along with backend APIs in Python and Go.
  • You will help with our migration from Python to Go in areas where concurrency and performance is critical.
  • You will help with architecting, building (and migrating to) a new integrations scheduler in Go.
  • You will be part of feeding our analytics engine using technologies such as Apache Beam, Cloud Functions, Pub/Sub and BigQuery.
  • You will build and iterate our data products in close collaboration with the rest of the team to create a technology that enables our customers to get the maximum benefit out of our product.
  • You will work with services deployed to and in the Google Cloud Platform.

About Dreamdata

We are a well-funded SaaS startup founded in 2018

  • We are an experienced team combining marketing, tech, and product skills from two successful Danish growth companies.
  • We love building products through close interaction with users and customers
  • We help B2B companies understand their revenue data
  • So far clients such as Universal Robots, Agillic, Jabra, Configit, Laserhub and Dixa have signed up with Dreamdata.

Are you the candidate we seek?

Then please reach out to:

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DK: +45 31 54 70 40

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