Head of Growth Marketing

The role you’ll play

We are looking for an experienced and data driven Senior Marketing & Growth Manager who can lead and execute the marketing strategy as well as execute independently in close collaboration with the CEO and CRO as well as external partners. The ideal candidate is a user-focused marketer, who can both think strategically and execute in a structured way at high speed.

You will be responsible for leading our paid marketing and growth efforts, and growing the customer base. You will own ambitious growth goals, set the strategy, and hire and manage a small team. You will also roll up your sleeves, a lot. This is not just a “manager“ role.

The Team you’re on

We are a team of builders. We are launching new products in new markets while working with the largest Danish companies and a chosen partner for digital first movers. As such we’re in growth mode – not just in marketing, but in the entire organization – always adding elements to the playbook and refining value proposition tailored to our ideal partners.

We’re a flat organization with a strong culture of learning on and from the front lines.

Your main tasks

  • Own paid advertising including but not limited to Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin and organic search engine optimization; display and keywords
  • Lead coordination and distribution of content and campaigns via own organic channels and social media to ongoing test, track, evaluate and re-configure
  • Develop a deep understanding of our (target) customers and their motivations
  • Design marketing funnel strategies and plans using a variety of channels and marketing tools like e.g. landing pages, CRM, email campaigns and automations
  • Supervise the marketing budget and allocate optimally across tools and channels based on data and insights
  • Liaise with other parts of the business including Product, Development, and Sales to experiment, test and analyze initiatives and orchestrate efforts across technology, content and distribution
  • Steward the company brand and voice; ensure consistency in all our communication 
Startup / corporate
Complexity of the role

About Usertribe

UserTribe a fast-growing global customer experience platform. Our vision is a world where companies create products, services and experiences which the world actually needs. We try to achieve this by bringing customer-centricity to the heart of decision-making at enterprises. By facilitating customers’ interactions with our clients’ ideas, concepts, prototypes, and marketing material, we enable our clients to involve customers at every stage of their workflows. This results in much shorter time-to-market, products & services which solve a real need, and marketing campaigns which delight customers. We enable our clients to utilize customers in multiple feedback loops over short time, to enable design-thinking and the new way of working.

Are you the candidate we seek?

Then please reach out to:

Director Bjorn Andersen


DK: +45 31 54 70 40

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