Head of Product Management

At Dreamdata we believe that B2B companies should be able to take their product to market in the most optimal way possible. They should not be held back by lack of data or engineering resources to analyse data, or the technical ability to action that analysis. We insist that they should have access to clear actionable analysis that enables them to execute their go to market without waste.

We’re looking for an experienced Product Manager with technical depth who can navigate complex customer use cases, and understand the core components we need to build in order to unlock them.

This is an opportunity to build incredibly highly leveraged products and platforms with a team of experienced software engineers who are deep in the problem space at your side and the strong support of Engineering and Executive leadership at your back.

Who we are looking for:

  • You are passionate about driving product development with a very strong customer focus.
  • You can translate between the technical details, customer problems, and business impact of the team’s work.
  • You are organized and comfortable working with exec-level stakeholders and drive deep customer relationships.
  • You can build highly leveraged products that can be used as the cornerstone for customers and internal teams alike.
  • You’re not shy about diving in deep with engineering, security, or the customer.
  • You can run a tight ship, organizing a robust stream of work into cohesive, incremental releases.
  • You understand that the ultimate measure of success for your product is its ability to contribute to the business success of Dreamdata.
  • You have experience in managing product managers from a previous position.
  • You are able to manage a small team of UX and design and grow the product team as the company grows.
Startup / corporate
Complexity of the role

About DreamData

Dreamdata.io is a world-class B2B attribution and revenue analytics tool.

In B2B no buying decision is made on the spot. This means you’re bound to struggle associating first brand impressions with revenue generated at a later point in time. 

A B2B transaction simply takes multiple touches and impressions. This makes it hard to justify spending on ads as well as other marketing activities, which results in a lot of B2Bs growing at a slower rate than what they actually could be.

The Dreamdata technology gathers, joins, cleans all revenue-related data in order to present transparent, actionable analysis of what drives B2B revenue. 

Everything from user behavior to traffic sources, digital tools used by each department along with CRM and revenue info is considered in the analysis in order to be able to holistic attribution of the B2B customer journey.

This enables companies to do and understand B2B attribution, LTV of ads, measure content ROI, benchmark growth, predict revenue and make decision on what efforts to scale next.

Are you the candidate we seek?

Then please reach out to:

Director Bjorn Andersen


DK: +45 31 547 040

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