Lead Fullstack Developer

Job Description

Tomorrow is a tech startup that designs and builds scalable solutions to climate change. Our goal is to be a catalyst of change by making the climate impact of individuals and companies more accessible and empower them to take action.

To that end, we are building an app that helps people make climate conscious decisions by automatically calculating the carbon impact of their daily activities. We are looking for a mobile developer to join our team in Copenhagen.

You will

  • collaborate with a passionate team on the development of our new product
  • develop and co-create our app based on react native, native components and realm
  • communicate with designers and stakeholders on rapid iterations of MVPs
Complexity of the role

About Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a Danish startup with an exceptional team (ex-Google + Ex-Uber), working on visualizing the climate impact of every choice you make, whether you are an individual, a corporate entity or a cloud hosting provider.

They are well funded and already have a significant revenue stream from several clients, including GetBarry, OECD and one of the largest cloud hosting providers in the world.

Sustainability and climate are on any agenda in the public – and private sector.  It’s supported by UN’s world goals and countries globally, and in Denmark there’s a goal of reducing Co2 by 70 % before 2030. Global energy use is surging – global data centre electricity demand (fueling our Spotify, Netflix, Snapchat etc.) in 2018, was an estimated 198 TWh, or almost 1% of global final demand for electricity.

Blockchain energy use an estimated 80-100 TWh on top.  Tomorrow is empowering us to use energy more responsibly, and we need your help.

  • Experience: Previous experience in a production environment with React, ideally React Native
  • Empathy: In order to build a great product and a great company, we all have to be able to put ourselves in each other’s shoes and our users’ shoes. We strive to assume best intentions, promote positivity through our products and our actions, and to be there when our teammates need support.
  • Perspective: We value diverse backgrounds and perspectives – your voice and beliefs will help us all be better and shape the future of the company. Don’t be afraid to take risks, challenge us, and challenge your own beliefs!

Are you the candidate we seek?

Then please reach out to:

Director Bjorn Andersen


DK: +45 31 547 040

US: +1 (415) 287-0402

Reach out so we can tell you more