Python (Django) Developer

Job Description

Son of a Tailor is scaling internationally, and we are looking to add more talented people to the team, in order to make sure we can keep up with our growth. We are looking for someone who can take on the position as Python (Django) Developer.

You will have a major impact on our entire customer journey and production lifecycle, from the first time a customer visits our website to receiving their order, and use everything from Raspberry Pi to Tensorflow – there is no limit to what you can achieve in this position. 

Your role will be focused on 3 main areas:

  • The customer journey (webshop)
  • Tools to increase the productivity of our customer service
  • Tools and APIs to optimize and support our production and supply chain

You will be working closely with the product team, consisting of design, frontend and backend, as well as external stakeholders such as manufacturing and shipping partners. 

As part of the engineering team, you will also work with the business side of Son of a Tailor, to create a strong and feasible roadmap for the future.

Complexity of the role

About Son of a Tailor

Son of a Tailor is the world’s leading made-to-measure T-shirt brand. Since their launch in 2014, they have been revolutionising the way apparel is made, through their unique online fitting technology platform and made-to-measure supply chain. This focus on efficiency at every step of the supply chain also means that Son of a Tailor offersoffer a truly ground-breaking approach to sustainability in apparel that has huge potential implications for influencing both consumer attitudes to fashion and the fashion industry itself.

Son of a Tailor currently have customers in 146 countries and produce more than 2100,000 products per year. They have achieved a unique brand position by producing high quality apparel that is truly sustainable in a transparent way that is more convenient for the customer, better for the people involved in production and better for the environment. The company is currently on a strong growth trajectory and is now looking for a Back-end Developer to strengthen and develop their platform.

Son of a Tailor believes that the future of clothing will be formed by challenging convention and embracing innovation. They celebrate the principles of a truly custom-made piece of clothing and embrace technology that allows them to make it available to everyone, everywhere. Materials are sourced from the best vendors ensuring ethically sound production. To ensure good working standards, high skill level and fair wages, all their T-Shirts are made in the EU.”

Son of a Tailor is backed by investors such as Founders, InQvation, Thomas Ryge and Morten Strunge, and consists of an exceptional team. 

The Stack


  • Google Cloud
  • Kubernetes (Google Kubernetes Engine)
  • Django
  • Celery
  • Postgresql
  • Redis
  • RabbitMQ
  • nginx
  • Vue.js
  • Tensorflow



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Director Bjørn Andersen


DK: +45 31 54 70 40

US: +1 (415) 287-0402

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