React Native Developer – Eurogiro

Job Description

Across the world billions of people are financially excluded and are denied the basic right to consume basic financial services.

We are changing this, and you can become part of that journey. We are building a global peer-to-peer money transfer platform that will enable people to send money to each other at a lower cost than ever before!

We are looking for an experienced React Native Developer for our new development team.

Sounds exciting? Then read on and let us know if you are the one we are looking for.

What you will do – other than being a good colleague:

We are looking for a React Native developer interested in building performant mobile apps on both the iOS and Android platforms. You will be responsible for architecting and building these applications, as well as coordinating with the teams responsible for other layers of the product infrastructure. Building a product is a highly collaborative effort, and as such, a strong team player with a commitment to perfection is required.


  • Build pixel-perfect, buttery smooth UIs across both mobile platforms.
  • Leverage native APIs for deep integrations with both platforms.
  • Diagnose and fix bugs and performance bottlenecks for performance that feels native.
  • Reach out to the open source community to encourage and help implement mission-critical software fixes—React Native moves fast and often breaks things.
  • Maintain code and write automated tests to ensure the product is of the highest quality.
  • Transition existing React web apps to React Native
Complexity of the role

About Eurogiro

Inpay / EuroGiro is a successful Danish Fintech company, processing millions of transactions worth billions of dollars for Banks, Corporates and Postal Organizations, worldwide.

We’re based in the centre of Copenhagen with 4 smaller offices around the globe. We are profitable, 120 people and 27 employees in the Eurogiro technical team, and are innovative and technology-driven by heart.

We’ve worked with big data, compliance and AI for more than 25 years and our DNA is to create innovative leading-edge infrastructure as code, that plays a vital part in our customers’ payment offerings.

We are very ambitious and very agile by heart. We think global and we are part of a group who hold big dreams to positively improve the lives of millions of people. This means the pace is high, suggestions and ideas are always welcome, failures and learnings are part of the routine and we expect you to go the extra mile so we can conquer the world together.

We are regulated by the Danish FSA and in a number of countries outside the EU. 

Our coffee machine, candy stash and other vital infrastructure are shared with our sister company Inpay. 

Everything we do must be based on our values – TAPIR – Trust, Accountability, Innovation, Passion & Respect.

We are sometimes unconventional in our approach, always innovative and deeply passionate about everything we do. This is why our values – built on old virtues like respect, trust and accountability – are so important.

Our values reflect how we conduct our business and how we act to interact with both internal and external stakeholders.


Are you the candidate we seek?

Then please reach out to:

Recruitment Business Manager


DK: +45 28 87 31 54

US: +1 (415) 287-0402

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