How To Recruit & Hire For A Startup

Hiring for startups is a lot of fun – and we wanted to share what we are working on with one of our clients – Nøie. Nøie is a Danish customized skincare brand, which launched in November 2019. Nøie is backed by investors like PreSeed, Leo Pharma and Thomas Ryge and is founded by Daniel Jensen and Chris Christiansen.


Nøie already has an amazing technical team in place, which has designed the Nøie products, algorithm, and e-commerce site form the ground up. They’re located in Matrikel1 on Højbro Plads (same as us!) in an awesome startup hub. It’s a great place to be and to grow, which is a good thing since Nøie is expanding rapidly – especially on the commercial team.  

These are some of the people we’re currently adding to the Nøie team.


Currently, we are searching for an experienced and self-driven Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to join Nøie on their mission to make the world’s best skincare for people with chronic skin conditions. As a (T-shaped) CMO, you will mainly be responsible for developing and implementing new marketing strategies and lead our marketing team by example, and have operational responsibilities in one or several marketing disciplines.

You will own the definition, prioritization, and communication of the growth problems being solved. You have experience tackling growth problems through utilizing a mix of product, marketing, engineering, and data.

Head of Growth

We are searching for an experienced and self-driven Head of Growth to join an exciting venture-backed startup on a mission to make the world’s best skincare for people with chronic skin conditions. As Head of Growth, you will be responsible for all things digital at Nøie. 

You have a systematic approach to growth. Furthermore, you have a solid understanding of how product to use adjust the product to achieve repeatable growth scenarios.

Frontend Developer

We are searching for a Frontend Developer to join Nøie. As Frontend Developer, you will mainly be responsible for our frontend (Vue) and implementing great UI, as well as some backend (Node and Shopify).

  • Technologies we currently use include:
  • Javascript and HTML + CSS
  • Vue framework (Javascript)
  • Node & NPM (Javascript)
  • Shopify
  • Liquid (Shopify’s template language)
  • Github (Version control)
  • AWS + AWS Lambda
  • CircleCI

Advenio hires talent and builds teams for startups, scale-ups, and transformational teams – that’s why we are called the startup recruiter. 

We love working with startups like Nøie – we’re working with a great team and a great narrative, and we get the opportunity to hire some truly skilled people for Nøie. One of the people joining Nøie shortly is their new brand manager. Over 200 candidates applied for the role as a brand manager, and we reached out to an additional +80 candidates. 

We’re always up for a coffee or some ping pong in Matrikel 1, and sharing what we’re working on. Whether that is an assignment in Denmark like brand manager for Nøie, a CTO for Rainmaking, a Sales Director for Omnio or a VP Product for Citrix the US, a CRO or Sales Director in UK for Leadfamly, Account Execs in UK for Peakon or something else.

From a recruitment perspective, we believe that no one knows more about startup recruitment than us – let us help you build an amazing team.