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Job Description

Founders is a Copenhagen based startup studio behind companies such as Pleo, Tempo, Kontist, lifeX and Son of a Tailor. We develop great products and help turn them into amazing companies.

We are now hiring a Senior Frontend Developer for Kiosk where our goal is to make your office a more fun and engaging place. After being tired of seeing blank and static screens all around the office, we spent some time the last few years developing our own in-house tool, to easily mange screens and instantly deploy great content. Now we feel it’s time to let Kiosk loose on the rest of the world.

Using Kiosk extensively the last years has taught us that being able to quickly set up screens and manage content is only one part of the puzzle. What really catches the attention of everyone visiting our office is the carousel of fun and engaging content created with eye catching and “screen-ready” templates – courtesy of our brilliant design and brand teams.

That’s why we are using our experiences to build the best tooling possible to empower other offices and teams to create and plan amazing content for their screens. This includes making it easy for any developer to hack and play around with their own apps and templates.

To improve Kiosk and bring it to the public, we are looking for a Senior Frontend Developer, who are looking to work on a product that’s all about creating a better work space – while having a lot of fun.

Stackwise we will be working with Python / Django in the backend and probably React or Vue on the frontend. The earlier you join the more you get to shape the stack 😉

Complexity of the role

About Founders

Founders started life in 2013 with the purpose and belief, that there was a better way to build tech companies.

Today the Founders-family has grown to 100+ amazing people in Copenhagen and Berlin. Building products that radically improve how individuals and organisations work.

The vision then and now is to develop a model that enables Founders to co-found successive companies on a single platform that gets smarter with each success and failure, thereby increasing the chances of success.

They believe in launching early and iterating fast, knowing that failing is just a way to find out what doesn’t work.

  • Excellent English verbal and written skills.
  • Comfortable in a small team
  • Independent work mentality 
  • Sense of urgency

Are you the candidate we seek?

Then please reach out to:

Recruitment Business Manager, Christian Holst


DK: +45 2887 3154

US: +1 (415) 287-0402

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