Senior Full Stack Web Developer – NoA Ignite

Job Description

We are looking for a dedicated and experienced Senior Full Stack Web Developer to help us create captivating online experiences that help brands thrive. 

Noa Ignite is a powerhouse for digital growth with more than 300 people employed spread across four countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Poland) and way more disciplines. 

With a previous focus evolved around digital – and design products/solutions for their clients, we are now moving into an even stronger tech/engineering focus and are looking to grow our tech team by adding more technical experts with diverse skill sets.

We’re still building captivating digital experiences by letting our highly skilled UX’ers, digital designers and developers work in close collaboration with our clients, but we are now also focusing on delivering the engine behind the technical product. 

In our team you will be an integral part of making sure we evolve as a team and as a company. We are always looking to improve the way we work. While we primarily work in small teams with a large amount of freedom to independently organize workflow and techstacks, we have a big focus on knowledge sharing across teams.

The tech team is set to grow a lot for the time to come so this role will not only carry out work in terms of writing code, but also be part of setting a direction for the techteam and the company in general. 

What you will do: 

  • Strengthen the team on the senior level in terms of sparring with lesser experienced developers and other colleagues regarding solution architecture, clarifications on implementation details, system design etc. 
  • Mentorship and take responsibility for the growth of our skilled junior developers.
  • Be responsible for setting the technological direction on projects(together with a lead if such has been allocated to the project), communicate with the client and other team members, sparre with the rest of the team, write code, ensure the project stays within scope and flag any irregularities.
  • In general the senior is expected to take part in discussions about general technological choices, share knowledge and opinions and as much as possible help less experienced team members when they need help.

Who you are: 

  • You as a developer take pride in delivering user experiences and code that inspire and engage users. 
  • Good at using your technical knowledge and expertise to co-create in an integrated team of designers and developers.
  • You have experience building and maintaining web applications using Next.js, TypeScript, React, React Native or similar frameworks. 
  • You should be able to work at full capacity fairly quickly so if you are lacking in experience with the said frameworks you’d need experience with similar frameworks and prove that you can adapt quickly.
Complexity of the role

About NoA Ignite

NoA (The North Alliance) has reinvented the way creative services are procured by forming a comprehensive network of design, communication and tech/data-agencies. Since inception in 2014, the NoA family has grown to include leading agencies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Poland, more than doubling its annual net revenue (from $49.6 million to $104.9 million); with a double-digit compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16%.

Founded on Nordic values of creativity, freedom and collaboration, the NoA-component agencies share a track record for the delivery of award-winning campaigns with a clear focus on people. This Scandinavian mindset applies not only to the work produced, but, uniquely for a network of this nature, to the company structure.

NoA Ignite is a subsidiary to NOA, and they focus heavily on becoming partners with their clients to deliver impactful digital products and services by combining deep human insights, creative excellence, data and technology. With offices in four countries and more than 350 employees, NoA Ignite is your powerhouse for digital growth.

Clients can be such as Maersk Digital, IKEA, Absolut, Adidas, Nike or several startups. 

The main office in Copenhagen is in a dynamic recreative environment in Turbinehallen in the city centre. 

Are you the candidate we seek?

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DK: +45 28 87 31 54

US: +1 (415) 287-0402

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