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Job Description

We are looking for a Senior iOS Developer, who will join our already talented team at Quickorder.

Quickorder is in the process of setting new standards in how to use software and machine learning to streamline the restaurant industry. What started as an idea for a POS system at a bar 6 years ago, has now developed into the Nordic region’s leading startup within solutions for the restaurant industry.

In the future, a restaurateur should never worry about decision making, buying supplies, low wages, etc. It needs to be fully automated, so the only thing a restaurateur has to do is focus on creating breathtaking experiences for the guests in the restaurant.

We continue to grow and therefore now need the wildest iOS Developer, to join us and work with our engineering team by taking responsibility on our online ordering app or our new pOS application in Swift.

QuickOrder has 4 “main products”; POS, Staff management, Table booking and Online ordering. The 4 products must now be merged into one platform, where each product will represent a module in the system. This will enable the sharing of data across the modules and thus provide the restaurateur with action-oriented and insightful data, such as; real-time salary percentage, expected revenue, etc. This is a huge step and in high correlation to the overall vision of the company.

As the Senior iOS Developer, you will be responsible for taking charge and responsibility of our applications. The role will in general be focused on new development and refactoring, where it would be beneficial if you have worked or a good understanding of API’s, JSON, git and branching. 

Complexity of the role

About QuickOrder

QuickOrder was founded in Odense in 2014, with the premise that restaurants miss out on too much lost revenue by not using digital solutions, to the benefit of themselves and their customers. The rest is history today and Quickorder is now close to 30 employees in their new headquarters at the port of Odense.

At QuickOrder, they see a future where no restaurateur again has to make a decision based on a gut feeling, whether it’s about staff, prices, marketing, guest experience or any other type of business decision.
Only by creating the first ever fully and naturally integrated RestaurantOS will it be possible.

Quickorder is restaurants’ total digital solution that brings together and connects the most critical elements of their business. By delivering, POS, staff management, table booking and online ordering, Quickorder automates and handles everything from receipt, to salary payment to ordering new items. Their software solution makes it easier and more efficient to run a restaurant.

We are ambitious, innovative, and passionate by heart! We embrace the differences of individuals because it makes for better collective decision-making, which is an essential part of every team at QuickOrder. We are only as strong as our combined parts, and everyone contributes to the valuable input and insights that make QuickOrder a success.

Being a part of QuickOrder also means being a team player. We often describe our culture as a professional sports team – we are honest, we trust each other, and we hold one another accountable. We work hard toward common goals constructively and productively and always strive to better ourselves and the team.

The atmosphere at QuickOrder is informal, communication is casual, and the hours are flexible. We believe that freedom and independence are critical to a positive work environment, and we empower rather than control and command.

We live by our core values. It permeates QuickOrder from top to bottom, and we firmlybelieve that it is the key to success.

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