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Job Description

At Dreamdata we are fixing the broken world of B2B sales and marketing. Our technology provides transparency and enables insights for our customers into what works and what doesn’t. Our customers have complex data and it’s our job to make something meaningful out of it.

Dreamdata was founded to help B2B companies, who don’t understand how they generate revenue. Dreamdata helps B2B companies understand, optimise, and automate the processes of generating revenue. 

With integrations into the entire martech stack incl. Facebook, Bing, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zendesk etc., Dreamdata creates visibility and insight on marketing spend, and helps spend the right money in the right place. Sounds interesting? Then read on as we are now looking for a Solutions Engineer.

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half. 


  • As a Solutions Engineer, you will be working with customers and helping them to find the best solutions using Dreamdata technology.
  • You will be helping customers setting up tracking using our JavaScript tracking script.
  • You will be mapping out the customer’s data and supporting them in getting the data into our Data Platform.
  • You will be working side by side with our sales and customer success teams to ensure our customers are happy and that we close new deals.
  • Write technical documentation so that our customers can help themself.
  • You will be working closely with product and engineering to ensure our existing and new technology is developing and that we solve our customer’s problems.
  • In the end, you will become the product expert that knows every single detail about our product.


Complexity of the role

About Dreamdata

We are a well-funded SaaS startup founded in 2018

  • We are an experienced team combining marketing, tech, and product skills from two successful Danish growth companies.
  • We love building products through close interaction with users and customers
  • We help B2B companies understand their revenue data
  • So far clients such as Universal Robots, Agillic, Jabra, Configit, Laserhub and Dixa have signed up with Dreamdata.

Are you the candidate we seek?

Then please reach out to:

Recruitment Business Manager


DK: +45 28 87 31 54

US: +1 (415) 287-0402

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