VP of Engineering- Corti

About Corti

From the beginning of Corti’s history the primary focus has been on machine learning and data science. We are now at a stage where the engineering department must be on the forefront. We are going into more cloud deployments while building a more complex platform and therefore we need a professional and smoothly run engineering department that can take the company to the next level.

In the VP of Engineering role, your main tasks are to:

  • ensure that Corti delivers on customer deployment and delivery obligations.
  • make every single employee in the engineering department a success.
  • resource plan for the engineering department according to company strategies.
  • join customer dialogues and meetings, on a need to basis, and help drive commercial dialogues to ensure the continued growth of the company.
  • hire the right cutting edge talent and mentor them.

Your interplay with the CTO is to:

  • align on the strategies set forth for the company.
  • align on how to improve the productivity and satisfaction by employees in the engineering department.
  • provide strategic input given technical insights from the engineering department.
  • make sure the engineering department has adequate resources to solve their tasks.

Your interplay with the rest of management:

  • align on work and resource planning.
  • align on how to increase commercial throughput.
  • solve conflicts across departments.

Your directives towards being a good leader are as follows:

  • You will at any given time know what is worked upon in the engineering department and how this aligns with company strategies and goals. Technical questions will be easily answered by you, or by a designated employee.
  • You are covering all management responsibilities, i.e. processes, projects, and people, while being a good leader, i.e. individual and technical guidance, to each direct report.
  • You are expected to have an open and forthcoming attitude towards each individual employee in the engineering department. Any conflict or similar must be highlighted and dealt with instantaneously. It is of utmost importance that any action taken by you is obeying by an ethically professional and interpersonal etiquette.
Complexity of the role

About Corti.ai

Founded in 2016, Corti is a dynamic, passionate company.
We’ve built a team of world-class employees from around the world, and we are developing a new generation of speech-enabled solutions.
We’re driven by a belief that every person on Earth should have access to the best, most informed medical assessments when they really need it. 

At Corti, we’ve developed industry-leading machine learning software that listens in during patient conversations, like emergency calls, and provides real-time assistance to healthcare professionals like emergency call-takers.Our innovative in-call decision support technology has been proven to detect illness like Cardiac Arrest faster and more accurately than medical experts, ushering in a paradigm shift in global healthcare.

Alongside in-call detections, we provide advanced Post-call Analytics, helping to optimize protocols and the performance of medical professionals, so that we can guide them to the right triaging outcome faster.

When every second matter, our technology is life-saving and can benefit everyone across the globe.While we are currently especially focusing on helping emergency medical services to make better decisions, we always have one eye on the future.

Our technology has the potential to grow far beyond emergency calls into any medical process that involves a patient interview. 


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